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Top 6 Facebook Alternatives

Sure, Facebook is all the hype, but not everyone wants to be involved in such an extensive network. Perhaps you’d like to try something new, as you explore the best possible alternatives. If you’re looking for a change or have recently closed your account, these six Facebook alternatives may be what you’re looking for.

  1. DeviantArt – If you’re a creative or artistic individual, DeviantArt is the perfect online community for you. Being the world’s largest online social community for art enthusiasts and artists, it allows like-minded individuals to interact and share their work. From digital art to motion books, millions of pieces and creations are being uploaded yearly. With over 35 million registered members, you can connect with your peers, providing comments and critiques.
  1. Tagged – Founded in 2004, Tagged is a social platform that allows members to browse profiles, share tags, and offer virtual gifts. With over 100 million members, you can meet new people via this well-known social networking platform. They also offer features, such as Meet Me, where users can chat and eventually meet. They also offer a number of fun and interactive games. With Tagged, you can make new friends through shared interests, browsing, or friend suggestions.
  1. Path – If you wanted more privacy and found that Facebook was too public for your liking, Path may be your best bet. Offering a more personal experience, users are restricted to a maximum of 150 friends. Being a mobile-only platform, the average user has 40 connections. These are generally people who are close friends in real life or have developed a trusting bond.
  1. NextDoor – If you want to connect with those around you, this social networking service will help you do just that. A sense of community is the main focus, as you connect with those who live in your neighborhood, as well as neighborhoods nearby. Private groups are created based on location, allowing people to interact and gain local advice.
  1. Tumblr – This microblogging platform is a social media site that allows users to post content to their short-blog. With nearly 300 million blogs, there are plenty of options in terms of who you follow. You can either follow other users and interact, or you can make your blog private. When you follow a blog, all of their posts will show up in your dashboard.
  1. Ello – Created in 2014, Ello was created as an ad-free alternative to other major social media sites. It’s known as a positive community where users share stories, creative ideas, and inspiration. Being a Benefit Corporation, they have a legal mandate to never sell ads or data to third parties. They do not believe in manipulating what you see – they just aim to provide inspiring images and text.

With so many social media platforms available, you have the freedom to choose one that meets your needs. You’re not limited to Facebook or other major social networking sites – there are dozens of options.