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Top 11 Hottest Trending Social Media Sites

The major social media sites include Facebook and Twitter, but what else is available? Which sites are currently trending, adding a fresh or unique experience? Here are 11 of the hottest trending social media sites – check them out for yourself.

  1. Wanelo – After being launched in 2012, Wanelo has gained momentum. This site has social applications, while being a digital mall. With over 12 million products posted by users, helping you find unique items. Online stores can engage their community by posting stories and comments. As a brand or retailer, you also have access to which of your products are trending. As a shopper, you can see what your friends have favorited while browsing through products.
  1. Yik Yak – This social media app is made for smartphones, available for both iOS and Android. This platform encourages users to communicate and share their thoughts with people nearby. Interesting can be voted upon, so that they show up at the top your feed. If you’re curious what others are saying, you can also view other locations. If you’re located in Chicago and want to see what people are up to in Florida, it is possible to do so.
  1. Shots – This is a selfie photo sharing app and social networking service. All photos must be taken directly in the app and can then be shared. You can privately message other users, but follower counts and comments aren’t allowed, based on their anti-cyberbullying approach. There is also a built-in chat feature that allows you to communicate with friends.
  1. Timehop – This app allows you to jump back in time, acting as a digital time machine. Collecting photos from Facebook, Twitter , Flickr, Instagram, Foursquare, and your camera roll – you’ll be reminded of your exciting memories. You can then share those memories with your friends.
  1. Tinder – First launched in 2012, Tinder reached one billion ‘swipes’ by 2014. It is both a social and dating shit, used to match users with mutual interests. Essentially, you can anonymously like someone and if they like you back, you can begin to chat. If someone likes you, but you don’t like them, you can just continue swiping without communicating.
  1. Periscope – This is a video streaming application, allowing you to stream and share your experiences with the world. Once videos go live, your followers are notified. They are then able to send you hearts or comments in real time.
  1. Kik – If you’re looking for a new way to interact with others, Kik is a great way to message others without needing to input personal information. All you require is a username and an Internet connection, helping you chat without privacy issues.
  1. Pheed – This social networking service is aimed at a younger audience, combining text, videos, images, and audio. It’s meant to be a place where you can express yourself. As a user, you can like, dislike, or bookmark content.
  1. Bebo – Originally being launched in 2005, Bebo is now back. Although it was similar to MySpace when it was first created, they have completely relaunched. It is now a social app, where you can create avatars and chat with friends based on hashtags.
  1. Instagram – This social and photo-sharing platform has grown in popularity, with over 400 million active users each month. This is also the perfect site for photographers, aiming to build their brand. You can interact with your followers, as you share your photos with the world.
  1. SlideShare – Acquired by LinkedIn, SlideShare allows you to share PowerPoint presentations. It’s a great way for friends and professionals to share interesting and informative content. With over 70 million unique visitors a month, it is a great site for those who want to share fun or educational content. You can also upload PDFs, videos, and webinars.